Tide Pool Touch Tank

Tide Pool Touch Tank at the Tennessee Aquarium

Aquarist Kyle McPheeters explained that the tide pool touch tank is made up of creatures that get along and like to be touched.

"The bulk of these animal are from the Atlantic Coast," said McPheeters. He pulled out most of the creatures from the tank to give NewsChannel 9 a closer look.

"So here we've got the pencil urchin, they are pretty cool," said McPheeters. The aquarist went on to say many people think sea urchins are very sharp, but not these ones

"These guys have a lot more stubby, less sharp spines. They are completely safe to touch," said McPheeters.

There are common hermit crabs, big horseshoe crabs, chocolate chip starfish, and crown conch.

The tide pool touch tank is part of "Holidays Under the Peaks" at the Tennessee Aquarium.

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