Midas Cichlid


"Today we are looking at the midas cichlid and they are easily recognizable because they are usually bright orange and they have a hump on their head which is an unusual hump," said Tasha Easki, an aquarist at the Tennessee Aquarium. She said that these fish use their humps in their courtship dance.

"Often in the wild they will have more murky colors because they want to blend in; they don't want to stand out," said Easki. They have a wide range of colors from black to gray to olive green, yellow, and evern white.

"They can breed with each other and get all those crazy patterns," said Easki. In the wild the midas cichlid only live in Costa Rica and Nicaragua. In the United States though they are very popular in the aquarium trade.

Midas Cichlid grow to be close to a foot long. This type of fish lives for 10 to 12 years. Most often they live in rocky outcrops. These fish are omnivores and they never have a problem with finding food because they eat just about anything.

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