Indian Star Tortoise

Indian Star Tortoise

"He's try ... it's okay ... it's okay," said herpetologist Bill Hughes. "These are Indian Star Tortoises. They are native to Sri Lanka, most of India, and they go over into Pakistan."

Well, these turtles were definitely not dry and definitely had a lot of liquid inside of them. Watch the video above to see what happened next.

"This is why we don't take them out of the exhibit, ever," said Hughes.

These tortoises do not get very big, they are pretty much full-sized now. They have elephantine feet to help them walk on land and a dome shell. These tortoises are herbivorous, meaning they eat plants. Hughes says the coloration looks kind of "crazy," but they live in grassy areas so they are able to blend in to their surroundings. The dome shell does not completely shut, but their arms are heavily armored for protection.

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