Tracking severe storms-tornado threat increasing

Quick bullet points. Note the pictures attached to the story.

As of noon. Wednesday

  • TORNADO Watch expected soon.
  • A slight increase in tornado chance for N GA/AL this afternoon.
  • The "main line" of storms has slowed, but storms are developing ahead and could become severe.

What time will storms hit?

  • Look for storms along Plateau over the next hour
  • 2-4pm for Seq Valley/Chattanooga/Cleveland/NW GA
  • 3-5pm East of I-75/Central/East GA.
  • 6pm-evening. Storms moving out.

What to expect:

  • As noted in the pictures above, the biggest threat is Damaging Straight Line, HOWEVER the tornado threat has increased some in GA.
  • Leading edge of storms will have strongest winds.
  • While the Tornado threat is low, a few are possible, especially ahead of the main line.
  • Small hail likely in some storms.


How long will they last?

These storms are quick. Most locations will deal with storms for 30 minutes or so. But could be rough

Bottom Line

Be weather-aware this afternoon. We all have busy lives, but make sure you have access to information. We of course will be on air as needed, and online. Having a weather radio or our WTVC Weather App will be extremely useful today.

Make sure if your children are home from school that they are aware and know what to do. While tornadoes may be isolated, winds up to 70mph.

Depend on us to keep you informed throughout the day.

-Brian Smith

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