Tracking storms moving through the area Wednesday evening


A live update on Facebook at 7pm:

David updated us live on Facebook at 4:30pm, shortly before going on the air:

Bill Race updated us in the middle of the afternoon on Facebook:

Now that the sun is out, now is NOT the time to let our guard down.

As of 1pm, we are still under a moderate risk, which is 4 on a scale of 5 in the risk category. High risk in middle and southern GA.

Now we wait for mid to later afternoon development and to see IF the AM storms had any impact on severe storms later. A cold front/dry line, and plenty of energy still heading our way. The tornado risk has not changed much, along with large hail and damaging wind threat.



  • 1st round of storms moving out. Sky is clearing.
  • From 1-5, a break but a few isolated storms could pop up anywhere. Still need to watch.
  • 5ish till 9pm, storms will develop to the west and over us and shift east. They will likely be severe with all modes of severe weather possible. Some super-cells are possible. Numerous warnings could be issued.
  • After 9pm storms should become more of a line, and shift east of I-75.

What to expect:

  • Mid afternoon storms could see all modes of severe weather, but appear to be there is an IF we see them.
  • After 5pm, these storms could contain all modes of severe weather, including a few tornadoes possible.
  • Hail could exceed golf ball size or greater
  • Storms will move NE...
  • Straight-line winds could exceed 60mph, which could still knock down trees and create damage in any of the storms.
  • Once storms shift east of I-75 after sunset, more of a straight line wind impact.


  • Doesn't appear to be a big problem.
  • Excessive runoff on roads certainly possible with stronger storms.

Bottom Line:

This is NOT an April 27th event. That was a once in a lifetime event, but still one or 2 tornadoes will change a life forever. This event is much quicker, and there are still some uncertainties...including will we be unstable enough. It's a wait an see.
Just make sure you have a plan, a way to get warnings like a weather radio or our WTVC app.

-Brian Smith (@stormtrackBrian )

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