Rain or shine: Will we still be able to see the eclipse?

Rain or shine - the total solar eclipse of the sun will happen in Spring City on August 21. (Image: WTVC)

Rain or shine - the total solar eclipse of the sun will happen in 11 days.

Eclipses happen when the moon passes in front of the sun.

The last time viewers near Chattanooga got anything near an opportunity like this one was on May 30th, 1984.

People in Spring City are used to seeing trains pass by, but on August 21 they'll see something many of them have never seen before.

"I think it's exciting because I'll never live long enough to see it ever come again," said Pat Clark, Spring City resident.

She already has big plans for the day the eclipse hits her town.

"We're doing t-shirts and we've got a lady that ordered a stencil thing. We're gonna do our own stencils there [and] make our own shirts," Clark said.

Over at the Ace Hardware, owner Jim Galloway is prepared for the thousands of people supposedly coming to town ready to watch the eclipse.

"I'm skeptical how many will show up. I don't know whether it's gonna be that big of crowd or not," Galloway told NewsChannel 9.

The big question: what happens if the weather looks like it did Thursday?

We asked Galloway if he thinks people will still come out if it's raining.

"No, we were just talking about that. I hope it'll be a sunny day for that so people will be able to see it," he said.

But not everyone feels that way.

"Oh yeah. They'll come out for it. You'd be surprised what people come out for down here in the south," said Clark.

StormTrack 9 Chief Meteorlogist David Glenn says even if it looks cloudy outside on August 21, you're still in luck.

"In the event that it's overcast or it's raining, it'll still get dark. In fact, very dark," he said.

People living in Spring City should get the full effect just after noon.

All they'll have to do that day is walk outside and look up.

"We're just excited to be able to be a part of it," Clark added.

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