Throwback: Calvin goes scuba diving

Calvin goes scuba diving.png

It takes great courage sometimes, to do something that you're fearful of.

Skydiving, rappelling, hanggliding and bungee jumping all involve our inherent fear of falling.

But many people have an intense fear of water, and scuba diving has always been one of the ways to conquer that fear.

In a two-part story, first we learn to scuba dive. That starts by recapturing lost swimming skills in an ordinary swimming pool, then learning how to float. I found out your lungs will allow your body will do that automatically if you let them.

After mastering the life-giving techniques of the scuba equipment, we take the final test that earns the certification to be a scuba diver.

All of this necessary, before the "big dive" off the coast of Florida.

Then, after a brief refresher course to practice our skills at Vortex Springs at Ponce De Leon in the Florida panhandle, it's time to take the big plunge in the Gulf of Mexico off Panama City, Florida.

It's the "check-out dive" of a lifetime, 100 feet down to a sunken wreckage in the Gulf to swim with the fishes!

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