Throwback: Calvin goes hanggliding

Going airborne

To soar among the birds.. learn terms like "lifts" and "thermals." To view the Tennessee valleys from the hills and mountains that shadow them.

That's the life of a person who hang glides, the true "free bird."

It's a sport that attracts hundreds of people to the Tennessee Valley every year, which is well known for the lifts and thermals that hang gliders need to stay up.

In Calvin's Consumer Guide to Grown-up Fun, we visit the skies above Lookout Valley, hang gliding with the experts.

Coincidentally, to stay on schedule, I had to shoot this segment the next day after I had broken my ankle in the previous skydiving story. The boot that set my ankle is very visible as I hang glide.

(editor's note: this story was shot shortly after Calvin broke his ankle while skydiving for this same series.)

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