Throwback: Calvin goes caving in Marion County in 1993

Calvin's finally getting the hang of it.

This story is part of a series NewsChannel 9 did back in 1993 called "Calvin's Consumer Guide to Grown-Up Fun."

"We know more about the land around us, than we do about the land beneath our feet," say local caving experts.

The National Caving Association say more than 8,000 caves are in the state of Tennessee, most of them in East Tennessee and most of those within 100 miles of Chattanooga. Many of the caves are virgin, having never been passed through by people. Inexperienced cavers often have to be rescued from where the earth has swallowed them up.

In May of 1993, we went with a local cave rescue team as they honed their safety skills rappelling into "The Pit," one of the openings in the ground at the foot of the Cumberland Plateau in Marion County. The pit widens from its 30-foot opening that gets wider as the drop plunges 160 feet down to an open chamber below.

A creek breaks through the rock about halfway down to follow you the rest of the way (you will get wet).

Calvin says your life is literally hanging by a thread in your hands on the way down and back up.

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