Throwback: Calvin goes bungee-jumping

Calvin waves as the crowd below shouts "Jump, Calvin! Jump!"

This is another installment of Calvin Sneed's 1993 sweeps series, "Calvin's Consumer Guide to Grown-Up Fun." It is also one of our favorite stories Calvin ever did.

In Calvin's words:

"How I got talked into this one, I'll never know.

In this week's edition of "Calvin's Consumer Guide to Grown-up Fun," we take on the High Adventure Bungee Tower, now long gone. It used to be on Cummings Highway, right across from the Tennessee Highway Patrol station.

First was the launch from the ground.. if you've ever wondered what the rock feels like in a slingshot, this is it.

The next thing was jumping off the top of the tower. There was no way I was going to dive off this tower like the bridge jumpers in West Virginia. It was all I could do to jump.... feet first.

I did not know I could scream like that."

It was after this story aired that the late MaryEllen Locher remarked that we should start jokingly calling this series "Kill Calvin." At least inside the newsroom, that name stuck.

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