San Francisco Giants draft former Ringgold star Logan Baldwin

Logan Baldwin says the first thing he did when he found out the Giants drafted him was to call his dad. (Image: Georgia Southern Athletics video)

A former Ringgold baseball player's dream came true Wednesday.

The San Francisco Giants drafted Logan Baldwin in the 21st round.

The smile can't be wiped off of Baldwin's face.

NewsChannel 9 Sports caught up with him Wednesday evening, while he was still walking on air.

"It's a surreal moment. It's something I've dreamed of doing since I was three years old. It feels like a fantasy," Baldwin said.

During his time in Statesboro, Ga, Baldwin made fantastic catches for Georgia Southern from his center field position.

He laid out for one against Georgia State, fully extended and several feet off of the ground.

That catch landed him a spot on Sport Center's Top 10.

Baldwin's been at Georgia Southern the last three years.

Now, he starts chasing his professional dream. "I leave Sunday, I'm not really sure where I'm going to yet, but I'll fly out Sunday somewhere and we'll start playing I believe on Monday."

Logan believes the Giants drafted him for his fielding ability.

As far as he knows, the Giants want to keep him in center field. "I believe I'm going into rookie ball for now. Hopefully, I'll be in Augusta this spring."

Logan also has a flair for the dramatic.

In the Sun Belt conference tournament, the Eagles were down three runs in the 9th inning.

The Ringgold native hit a grand slam for the win.

Meanwhile, the Giants call came early Wednesday afternoon when he was at a buddy's house. "I called my dad first thing. He's the one that's taught me everything I know about baseball. He was more excited than I am I think."

On Thursday, he meets with a Giants scout to review his contract.

It includes paying for the rest of his school, according to Baldwin.

He plans to finish online or later on campus.

Oh yeah, he got a signing bonus. "I'm going to get me a truck tomorrow (Thursday) morning."

He especially wanted to thank all the people from Ringgold who helped him along the way.

He says he'll do his best to make them proud.

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