East Hamilton falls to Memphis East in state quarterfinal

East Hamilton and Memphis East tip off at The Murphy on MTSU's campus.

The East Hamilton Hurricanes made its first ever appearance in the state playoffs Wednesday afternoon.

They ran into a buzz saw in their opponent, Memphis East.

The Mustangs jumped all over the Hurricanes early, bouncing out to a 22-6 lead after just one quarter.

Memphis East went on to notch a 76-56 victory over the Canes.

Cameron Montgomery led the team with 15 points and sees value out of the loss.

Montgomery said, "I see us getting back to this point, but winning, winning the championship. I feel like we have reached a step that was our goal all year, and now we got a taste of it. We want to come back and win it."

MaxPreps ranked Memphis East as #15 in the nation.

East Hamilton faced a tough defense throughout the game, sinking only 25.5 percent of their shots.

Coach Rodney English saw a bright side to the lopsided loss.

English said, "I kept rotating the same core kids in there to get them that experience for being here. We'll go and take a couple weeks off, we'll get back in the weight room and we'll look at spring basketball and we'll look at summer basketball and our goal is you know this is going to be an every year occurrence for East Hamilton."

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