TWRA - Tennessee Fur Harvesters offer free trapping clinic

Coyotes are becoming more and more common in the region, even in suburban areas. One of the best ways to try and control coyotes is by trapping, however the canines are very wily and difficult to trap without using the right techniques. (Photo Contributed)

Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) has partnered with the Tennessee Fur Harvesters for a 2017 free trapper training camp to be held at the Hiwassee Refuge March 17-19. This three-day camp is packed full of great information for those interested in learning about the craft of fur-taking. Participants will utilize live trap lines and learn about trap modification, set making, snaring and fur handling skills. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided Saturday and camping is available. Participants must register and all ages are welcome.

John Daniel, the event coordinator stated, “We’ve had a packed house in years past. We really enjoy the weekend and look forward to another great year”.

The Tennessee Fur Harvesters is dedicated to preserving the heritage of trapping and the management of Tennessee’s furbearers. They have several events throughout the year, including a fur sale. Contact John Daniel to register for the training camp or for more information on fur trapping (423) 595-0986 or

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