Bassmaster 2018 Elite Series snubs country's best bass lakes

One of the 2018 BASS Elite tournaments takes one of its more intriguing turns in years with a trip to Lake Oahe, a massive lake on the Missouri River which straddles the border between South Dakota and North Dakota. (Photo: Richard Simms)

The 2018 Bassmaster Elite Series schedule has been announced and only one tournament will be held on any of the Top 12 lakes in the nation (as so-named by Bassmaster Magazine).

The Aug. 23-26 BASS Elite Tournament will be held on the St. Lawrence River, also known as Thousand Islands near Waddington, N.Y. The area was declared #11 among the Top 12 bass fishing venues in the nation by BASS recently.

One venue, the Sabine River near Orange, Texas, doesn't even appear anywhere among the BASS Top 100 lakes.

Of course it's always been clear to experts and observers that the major bass tournament circuits choose their locales primarily based upon spectator support, and more importantly, upon financial support from the local business and tourism entities.

The quality of the bass fishing is often secondary. Nor does it really matter since all anglers are on the same playing field. Therefore it doesn't really matter to them if they win a tournament with 40 lbs. of bass or 100 lbs. of bass. The checks they win still spend the same.

Read more details about the high-profile bass tournament series here.

2018 Bassmaster Elite Series Schedule

  • Feb. 8-11, Lake (Logan) Martin, Alexander City, Ala. (23rd of Top 25 Southeast Lakes)
  • March 16-18, Bassmaster Classic, Lake Hartwell, Greenville/Anderson, S.C. (21st of Top 25 Southeast Lakes)
  • April 6-9, Sabine River, Orange, Texas (Not on Top 100 List anywhere)
  • April 26-29, Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees, Grove, Okla. (18th of Top 25 in Central Div. Lakes)
  • May 4-7, Kentucky Lake, Paris, Tenn. (20th of Top 25 Northeastern Lakes)
  • May 17-20, Toyota Texas Fest, TBA
  • June 21-24, Mississippi River, La Crosse, Wis. (23rd of Top 25 in Central Div. Lakes)
  • June 29-July 2, Lake Oahe, Pierre, S.D. (9th of Top 25 Central Div. Lakes)
  • July 26-29, Upper Chesapeake Bay, Havre de Grace, Md. (24th of Top 25 Northeastern Lakes)
  • Aug. 23-26, St. Lawrence River, Waddington, N.Y. (3rd of Top 25 Northeastern Lakes)
  • Sept. 20-23, AOY Championship, TBA
  • Sept. 25-28, Classic Bracket, TBA
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