Video: Girl says pledge of allegiance at Chickamauga Battlefield

5-year-old Ayda was so moved by the history on display at the Chickamauga Battlefield that she hopped on a monument and recited the pledge of allegiance. (Image: Sheila Voyles YouTube video).

A 5-year-old Cleveland girl was moved enough by the history at the Chickamauga Battlefield during a Labor Day outing to recite the pledge of allegiance in front of a monument.

Ayda's mother, Sheila Voyles, recorded the moment on video and uploaded it to YouTube.

In an e-mail to NewsChannel 9, Voyles says "While my family and I were touring the Chickamauga Battlefield and listening to the audio of the history of the war, my daughter stops and says Momma this is really sad that a lot of men passed away here. She proceeded to tell her father and I that she was going to cry. Without hesitation, my tiny daughter hops up on a monument places her hand over her heart and says the pledge of allegiance.

Voyles continues, "My daughter is only in Kindergarten and did not know the pledge of allegiance prior to starting school. With tears in my eyes I listened to my sweet girl with all of her heart saying the pledge. She was so proud that she has memorized the pledge and proceeded to say the pledge and pay her respects to all of the soldiers at every tour stop."

Sheila says Ayda attends Park View Elementary in Cleveland, and that's where she learned to recite the pledge.

Congratulations to Sheila for raising such a patriotic and history-minded daughter!

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