Cleveland Police play 2 on 2 with area kids

Two Cleveland Police Officers were caught on camera playing basketball with two area kids. (Image taken from Denise Creagan's video, which she shared on her Facebook page).

A passing motorist in Cleveland captured a video showing Cleveland Police officers taking the time to play a little basketball with two young men.

Denise Creagan tells NewsChannel 9 she was driving along 17th Street in Cleveland on Tuesday and happened to catch the scene. She says she saw one CPD officer playing with two boys, and then decided to pull around and capture the moment for Facebook.

By the time she had pulled back around, a second officer had joined in the fun.

You can hear Creagan ask the officer if it was okay to film the scene for Facebook, and one of the officers says 'yes.'

Later, the Cleveland Police Department shared the video on its own Facebook page.

That post identifies the officers as Officer Bobby Ruth and Officer Kody Fox, and points out that both officers were wearing bullet-proof vests and a 17-pound gunbelt.

Many people expressed approval at the scene.

Jennifer Holmes commented, "That's awesome! Building trust in the community is where it starts, good job officers and thanks for posting a positive video."

Betty Bradt commented, "Thank You For Your Service two of Cleveland Finest showing positive in that community!"

And Landon Clemmons said, "Bobby stay playin some ball love it man keep up the good work. I hope you guys can help ppl the way you all call young men like I was helped!!!! Having a second chance was a blessing to me and most of all to my son!!!!"

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