Chattanooga dog wins "Mannequin Challenge"

Ralfi, a Chattanooga dog, wins at the "Mannequin Challenge."

Chattanooga resident Jenny Eberhart's dog Ralfi is at it again.

Back in July, Eberhart shared video of her talented pooch balancing a wine glass on his head.

Now Ralfi has a new video - taking the Mannequin Challenge, and winning.

The video shows Ralfi in several "frozen" poses, sure to produce a smile.

Eberhart says Ralfi is a whippet/Jack Russell terrier mix. She says he has a great sense of balance - before the wine glass and the mannequin challenge, she taught him to balance a doll, a ball, and 6 treats.

Congratulations to Ralfi for being such a talented dog! We hope he earned a lot of treats for his feats.

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