Viral video: Chattanooga dog takes tricks to the next level

When it comes to tricks, a dog from Chattanooga named Ralfi definitely has a "glass half full" attitude.

A Chattanooga dog owner has set the bar high when it comes to dog tricks - and her dog Ralfi is getting international recognition because of it.

Jenny Eberhart recently captured video of Ralfi balancing a wine glass on his head. Not only that - the glass has wine in it.

Eberhart says Ralfi is a whippet/Jack Russell terrier mix. She says he has a great sense of balance - before the wine glass, she taught him to balance a doll, a ball, and 6 treats.

Before taking the video, Eberhart put a towel on the floor - just in case. Turns out it wasn't necessary, thanks to Ralfi's "glass half full" attitude.

Eberhart says she rescued Ralfi 5 years ago after the devastating tornadoes that hit Tuscaloosa, Alabama on April 27th, 2011 - the same tornado outbreak that claimed dozens of lives in the NewsChannel 9 viewing area.

Eberhart says she and a friend were looking at dogs and her friend spotted him and said "Look at little Ralfi!" -- and the name stuck.

"He is like my child. I would jump off a cliff for him," Eberhart says.

The video got the attention of the Daily Mail newspaper in London, which posted it online, with the headline "Hair of the dog? Talented pooch balances huge glass of red wine on his snout without spilling a single drop."

Eberhart posted the video on Wednesday, and at this writing, it has 1460 views. That number will likely climb in the coming days as more people share this cute video on social media.

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