Ringgold High School holds moment of silence for April 27th, 2011 tornado victims


Students and staff at Ringgold High School have a moment of silence every morning, but this morning was different. That's because this was the 6th anniversary of the deadly tornadoes that hit on April 27th, 2011.

The storms devastated the area, killing seven people and ripping apart buildings and homes.

"Everything was destroyed," Ringgold Baseball Coach Brent Tucker said.

Two buildings that saw tremendous damage - Ringgold High School and Ringgold Middle School.

High school students, some whom were middle school students then, had to finish that school year at other schools in Catoosa County. Some of them shared their story on Thursday.

"I watched it go across the ridge, and the devastation was crazy," Junior Mikayla Dycus said.

Student Daniel Moore said he was in choir class at the middle school when he got the warning. He said he even remembers the song he was singing.

"It was called 'We will build a shelter,' and the lyrics were 'We will be a shelter for each other in the storm.'"

He said that has stuck with him through the years, along with a saying.

"We are Ringgold kind of just exemplifies the whole thing. Though it was kind of weird and we were all over the place, my eighth grade year we were here for half of the year and then back at school the middle school, but the whole time, we're Ringgold, we're still Ringgold," Moore said.

Scott Reese was a senior At Ringgold in 2011. His love for his school brought him back. He now teaches 10th grade English at his Alma Mater.

"I got to see it (the school) not even two days after it happened, and it kind of broke my heart. Seeing the school in that state, because I had so many memories there, it was rough," Reese said.

Students, teachers, coaches - six years ago, and still today - believing through tragedy, they can find hope.

"It means we can rise up together and conquer anything," Student Chloe Gray said.

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