Tornado cleanup in Athens continues, state & federal leaders visit McMinn County

Governor tours damage in McMinn County

We're hearing more stories of survival from those in the tornadoes path in McMinn County.

As homeowners in Athens work to clean up what the storm left behind, state and federal leaders stopped by to assess the damage.

"I just couldn't see how anybody could make it through," said Denise Ferguson.

Denise and her husband, barely did.

"Right after the crack is when I started feeling all the wind from the tornado," said Ferguson.

Wind so strong, it left her home in pieces.

"The house behind us just flew into our house and anybody that would have been sleeping in the back of our house would have been killed," said Ferguson.

You can see the tornado’s path for miles from miles with the NewsChannel 9 sky cam.

One homeowner spent all Friday using a tarp to cover his ripped apart roof.

Denise's BMW once had a two story garage over it.

She has no idea where it's frame ended up.

"I think it's amazing that we made it through because, well you can see the damage," said Ferguson.

Friday, Governor Bill Haslam along with Senators' Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker.. stopped in McMinn County to assess the damage.

The damage is impressive in the worst kind of way.

But that isn't what caught their attention the most.

"How they stay up all night, how they find a new home for someone, how more food and more water shows up," said Senator Lamar Alexander.

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