Toppled trees total cars in Sale Creek

Crews and homeowners worked all day Mobday in parts of Sale Creek to clean up after this weekend's storms.

Flooding isn't the only issue along the edges of the Chickamauga Lake.

The NewsChannel 9 SkyCam captured video of three cars crushed by trees.

One belongs to TJ Hill. He hadn't seen it in person until Monday morning.

"When I got here just now, I was able to see how bad exactly it is," Hill said.

His mother called him when the tree fell.

"It sounded insane," he said. "I could hear the wind and everything."

The homeowners believe at least 20 trees were uprooted in the area.

Luke Kelley lives just around the corner from Cooper Road.

He says, "Sunday evening we went driving around. From the highway to here we counted 50 something trees."

Kelley spent his day off school helping his dad.

Hill was able to pick out one precious keepsake from all of the shattered glass.

As of right now, we have not heard of anyone injured in the storms.

Power did go out but residents say it came back on late last night.

Dayton city and Rhea County Schools both closed down today because of all the damage that needed to be cleaned up.

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