Fired Red Bank Police Chief: "I will always stand up and fight for my people"

Former Red Bank Police Chief Tim Christol sits down with NewsChannel 9's Alyssa Spirato and speaks for the first time publically on his termination (Photo: WTVC)

Would your boss risk his job to stick up for you?

In Red Bank, this may be what led to the firing of the city's police chief.

Thursday, Former Red Bank Police Chief Tim Christol broke his silence for the first time since he was fired.

It came the same day we received emails between Christol and other city leaders in the days leading up to his termination.

After telling us Wednesday he couldn't explain why he lost his job, we received emails through an open records request.

In an exchange between Christol, the city manager, and finance director, they go back and forth about giving officers Holiday Pay on the same schedule as year's past. The emails show the city manager, and finance director made the decision to wait.

"My responsibility is to provide them with the tools to do their job and to protect them and I feel like this is one of the ways that i need to do that," said Christol.

Christol says he got the news Wednesday morning of his termination. On a written piece of paper, he says one reason was insubordination.

"The issue of not getting along with other employees which in this case was where I really believe that me standing up for my people, supporting those officers and every way that I can is what my responsibility is," said Christol.

We pushed Christol further and tried asking him specifics. All he said was there were a number of disagreements between himself and top city leaders.

"It got to the point where the vision i had for the department was not consistent with where the commission and administration wanted me to do," said Christol.

Christol says he's upset but he believes, those who still work inside the building, have the opportunity to push change forward..

"I lost something that i care very deeply for. I still care about the officers. I still care about the community and i want to see them succeed," said Christol.

NewsChannel 9 reached out to the city manager and finance director for their side of the story.

After a budget meeting Thursday night, City Manager Randall Smith told us in person he wishes Christol "the best" but has "no comment" about the emails.

John Wright will step in as interim chief.

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