Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency offers tips for safe boating

Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency offers tips for safe boating (Photo: MGN)

The Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency wants to make sure everyone have a safe summer on the water.

So, the TWRA is offering 5 steps to help reduce the chances of accidents or even deaths from boating.

  1. Make sure your boat is in working order and has the proper safety gear before going out on the water.
  2. Have a "float plan" before going out. Look at the forecast and let someone know where you're going and how long you expect to be out on the water.
  3. Appoint someone to be the lookout on the boat, regardless of the speed you're traveling.
  4. Never operate any motorized vessel or vehicle under the influence of alcohol. Boating Under the Influence is illegal.
  5. Always wear a life jacket or personal flotation device. A Chickamauga kayaker had to be rescued in May when his kayak flipped over and he wasn't wearing a life jacket

TWRA Officer Barry Baird says "The number one way a person can protect themselves is to wear a PFD, The worst days on the water are those dealing with an accident or fatality that could have been avoided. Help put a stop to boating accidents and fatalities. Commit to being safe.”

Boating incidents caused $685,934 in damage in 2015.

There were 23 fatalities happened in Tennessee in 2016, and only 13 in 2015. You can read the 2015 Tennessee boating Incident Statistical Report here.

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