Sale Creek business evacuated due to smoke in ventilation system.

Wagner Pencil Company evacuated after smoke begins pouring from building ventilation system.

The Wagner Pencil Company has dismissed all of its employees for Monday.

This after smoke began pouring out of a "bag house" that captures saw dust from the pencil making process.

The Sake Creek Volunteer Fire Department answered the call shortly after 8:00 a.m.

The smoke made it into the building's ventilation system, prompting an immediate evacuation of the building.

Investigators said later in the morning that the fire started from a spark from a machine used during the pencil making process that ignited the saw dust in the duct work. Fire was quickly brought under control with minimal damage.

No exact estimate of damage was available, and no one was hurt.

We featured the Wagner Pencil Company on a recent "Made in Our Hometown" segment.

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