Ridgeland High School student arrested after threats made to school

Ridgeland High School student arrested after threats to school (Photo: WTVC)

Walker County School Superintendent Damon Raines says 18-year-old high school student Annabelle Herbet will not get to walk the stage with her classmates, after false threats were made to Ridgeland High School.

Herbet is charged with making terroristic threats and acts, dissemination of information relating to terroristic acts via computer and disrupting public school.

Just before 11 am on Wednesday, Raines said the school received a threat by phone.

Soon after, more calls were made to the school.

A police report obtained by NewsChannel 9 shows a bomb threat was originally made, and 3 calls in total were made.

After going on soft lock down, the school and law enforcement determined the threats were not credible.

The report says that the original caller didn't know the school's layout.

Then, a shooting threat was made but the caller kept mispronouncing the Herbert's name.

Herbet later admitted her involvement in the false threats.

Raines determined she was using the Kik messaging app on her cell phone, when Herbert said she didn't want to go to 3rd period.

That's when calls started coming into the school, and Raines believes the calls came from Florida and California.

Raines said the school will wait for the investigation to finish before determining the best course of action. He says they will do everything they can to help her finalize high school and get her diploma.

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