UPDATE: Emails show fired Red Bank Police Chief not happy about officer holiday pay

Red Bank city manager confirms police chief Tim Christol fired Wednesday morning. (Image: Red Bank Police Department)

UPDATE: From an open records request, NewsChannel 9 has received emails between Chief Tim Christol, Red Bank City Manager Randall Smith, and City Finance Director John Alexander.

They reveal a dispute over holiday pay for officers among the three men prior to Christol's firing. (It's not clear if these specific emails directly resulted in Christol's firing).

In response to one email about holiday pay for work done by officers over the Memorial Day Holiday, Christol asks why officers won't be paid for working the holiday until the following month.

"Why the delay?" Christol asks.

In another, Christol says "Is there a reason we cannot pay them now? They have worked all but one day....???????????????? The $0.50 we earn will not kill us!!!!!!!"

We have photos of the emails in question in our photo gallery above.

Depend on us to keep you posted on this developing story.


Red Bank city manager Randall Smith confirms police chief Tim Christol was fired Wednesday morning due to a personnel issue.

However, Smith would not go into detail about that personnel issue.

Smith says John Wright will serve as the interim police chief.

Christol has been the chief at Red Bank since 2010. When he was hired by Red Bank PD, Christol had 34 years of experience in law enforcement. Now that's 41 years.

Red Bank fired the chief before Christol, too. NewsChannel 9 archives show Larry Sneed was fired in July 2010. He filed a lawsuit against the city of Red bank for wrongful termination.

This is a developing news story. Depend on NewsChannel 9 for the latest.

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