Overnight rains cause flash flooding in Chattanooga Friday morning

Flooding Aug11-17 f.png

Heavy rains through the week produced flash flooding on several roads in Chattanooga early Friday morning.

The main areas of concern are

  • East Brainerd and Jenkins Road.
  • East Brainerd at Concord Road.
  • Lee Highway at Silverdale Road.
  • Gunbarrel Road near Chewy's.

Our crew live on the scene of East Brainerd and Jenkins Road saw several cars try to drive through high water - and one that didn't make it:

Emergency officials have a phrase for you to remember in conditions like this: "turn around, don't drown."

It only takes 6 inches of rushing water to seriously mess with your car.

Rain is a concern throughout the day Friday, which means the flash flooding issue could remain for a few more hours. Get the latest forecast here.

Depend on us to keep you posted.

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