Over 100 cars damaged by one highway construction project

More than 100 cars are chipped and cracked on Thursday after driving down Highway 27.

The popular highway is undergoing repairs right now.

When it's all said and done, the highway will have freshly laid, smooth pavement.

However, it's currently in the milling stage.

That's where crews grind off the top layer of road material.

That process has left loose rocks and gravel all over the highway resulting in dusty and dangerous conditions for drivers.

Ethan Brown drove through the construction Wednesday morning.

"Rocks were flying up hitting the front of the windshield real loud and cracking it in a few places and chipping the paint," Brown told NewsChannel 9 on Thursday.

He isn't alone.

One Facebook poll in a community page revealed the loose debris damaged more than 130 cars, "that's a lot of people" Brown said.

Wright Brothers Contracting is handling the project.

By Thursday evening they had 2 of 3 southbound lanes paved.

Cars opted for those rather than the freshly milled ones.

Brown didn't have that choice yesterday morning and taking an alternate route wasn't feasible either.

"I actually travel that road to take my kid to daycare and it's the only real convenient route," he said.

Now, his red Silverado has "like 20 chips on the window and 20 to 30 chips in the paint," Brown said.

While they're small, "to fix the hood it won't ever match the truck and then the windshield probably like $200 - $250," Brown told NewsChannel 9.

Brown filed a claim with TDOT and also left a voicemail for Wright Brothers Contracting but isn't optimistic about getting a call back.

"I'm expecting to probably have to come out of my own pocket to fix it," Brown said.

Over the phone, Wright Brothers Contracting said they're "working with the department to mitigate the situation as best we can and address the complaints and issues that people have."

When asked if this was common for the milling phase, the spokesperson for the company said "every case is different. It's just how the road behaves when you start milling it. Some roads you don't have this problem, some roads are this bad or worse."

Wright Brothers Contracting expects to be done paving the highway by the end of next week.

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