Ooltewah neighbors upset by booby traps on walking trails

Ooltewah neighbors upset by booby traps on walking trails

Ooltewah neighbors think someone took their frustration too far when they booby-trapped a popular four-wheeling piece of property.

Kacey Ibrahim walks out on the trails every day.

During her walk Monday, she tells us she found at least 25 pieces of woods with bent nails sticking up out of them.

"There were a crazy ton around this area all scattered," Ibrahim said.

Now, she's warning her neighbors to be on the lookout.

"I don't know what to say," said Steve Corbin, Ooltewah resident.

Corbin's speechless after seeing the trap. He and his wife Carolyn live around the block from Kacey.

"Hopefully they can find out who's doing this," Corbin said.

You could say he's a regular out here on the trails.

"At least twice a week, I guess," he said.

Steve and Carolyn are aware that some people don't appreciate the four wheelers flying through the dirt at all hours, but they don't appreciate the neighbor willing to stick nails on the trails.

"If some kid - young kids get out there all the time on four wheelers and dirt bikes - if they were to run over something like that, it would hurt them seriously," said Carolyn Corbin.

The trails are less than a mile from Hunter Middle School, near the property where TVA maintains its power lines.

There are signs there warning vehicles and bike to stay out. Those signs also show the land is owned by the Hamilton County Department of Education.

So, we sent them pictures of what neighbors found and now they plan to send someone out there to clean the rest up.

The Corbin's hope that happens fast.

"It's just unconscionable," Corbin added.

A sheriff's office spokesperson says they received complaints from homeowners in the past about the loud noises coming from the ATV's.

There's a chance someone could be criminally charged for something like this, but the sheriff's office says they’d have to investigate more.

They are now working with TVA to coordinate that.

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