Northwest Georgia veterans honored for Vietnam service

104 veterans were honored for their service in Vietnam. Organizers called it a "proper welcoming home." Image WTVC

The message at Trenton First Baptist: it's never too late to say "thank you."

The church hosted an event, honoring 104 Vietnam veterans in a welcome home ceremony, decades after the fact. Members all of five branches of the military were in attendance. The event was organized by the American Legion Post 106 of Trenton and the Georgia Department of Veteran Services.

"Up here in the Northwest corner, really is a patriotic area," said Michael Couture, a navy Vietnam veteran.

He and his fellow servicemen received official certificates of honor signed by Georgia governor Nathan Deal.

"I think that we properly recognized and welcomed home our Vietnam veterans and their families," said Legion 106 commander Bob Woods. He says he believes many of these veterans never received this kind of recognition, even though it's deserved. He added today's ceremony was important, even if it is 40 years late.

"Everytime I've deployed, everytime my sons were deployed, they've been sent off, and they've been welcomed home," he said. "I knew from the beginning that Vietnam vets were not that way, and while I was on active duty for over 30 years, I've made a point for thanking them."

These vets and their families, appreciate the appreciation

"It's nice knowing that there is still comradery in these people," Couture said. "We do thank the people of the county."

Though Couture didn't do it for the "thank yous" He says he was just being a patriot.

"I just enjoyed being in the navy very much."

After the ceremony, the veterans their families were all welcomed to coffee and donuts inside of the church's lobby. The American Legion Post 106 says today's attendance was very high. In past ceremonies, they've honored about 20 to 30 veterans.

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