New multi-million dollar development being built; neighbor voices concerns

From the NewsChannel 9 Sky Cam: The Hillock Farm Development in Highway 153

The neighbor beside a new shopping and residential complex, says, it's causing headaches.

And It's not even built yet.

We visited where the new complex is being built on the hilltop, just off Highway 153 near the intersection of Boy Scout Road and Dayton Pike. Most of the little group of homes in the Echo Glen subdivision were spared from stormwater runoff from the heavy rain two weeks ago.

All except Karen Thurman.. her front yard was a torrent of mud and rocks. "I was just flabbergasted," she remembers. "I was like 'oh my gosh."

The mud, rocks and debris came from her new next-door neighbor. The debris came from the Hillock Farm Development.. a 280-unit apartment complex being built on the hilltop above the Echo Glen neighborhood. Councilman Chip Henderson says, preventing what happened two weeks ago, is a top priority. "They're still putting in the infrastructure for the project right now," he says.

Drivers on nearby Highway 153 are unknowing of the unheaval through the trees. More than a year ago, intense community opposition shelved the project. "I think we came up with about 21 conditions that we put on this project," Henderson remembers, "and then when it finally did get to counsel, it passed unanimously without any opposition whatsoever."

Thurman says she and some of her neighbors didn't feel that anybody was listening to their concerns.

Meanwhile, the developer has repaired her yard, and fixed the drainage. "They're doing right by us, so we don't have any complaints in that case," she says. "But we're just not ready for all this traffic. We're used to a nice, quiet neighborhood."

Henderson says, expect improvements to the 153-Dayton Pike interchange. Boy Scout Road will also be upgraded where it comes into that. "There will be a turn lane from Boy Scout going left and also one going right. Both will allow traffic to go north and south on 153."

Meanwhile, Karen Thurman is waiting on her new yard to take root. She says, as a neighbor, she's still worried.... about the people next door. "I just wish they'd go ahead and buy out our neighborhood," she says. "I think if they want to do that, fine. But get us out of the way."

We left a message for developer Duane Horton, but did not hear back. Henderson says, the groundbreaking for the Hillock Farm Development's apartment complex is scheduled for the spring. He says the entire project should be complete in about 3 years.

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