Mom of girl injured in Woodmore bus crash pushes for seatbelts on buses

A Woodmore Elementary School parent is pushing for seatbelts on school buses.

Alexandrya Frazier's daughter was injured in the crash that killed 6 of her fellow students.

Friday, she handed out t-shirts on Brainerd Road that read: "Pray for Woodmore. Act for Woodmore".

She's calling on the community to start talking about seatbelts on buses.

"I want it to open up a conversation about bus safety in general because even if we have seatbelts on buses we'll have to teach our kids they have to stay seated on the bus," she said.

Alexandrya says she'd like to see bus companies hire a bus aid.

That person would make sure students stay seated and buckled.

It might also help the driver stay focused.

"You know, maybe the legislators will want to do something about it," she said.

Friday, Alexandrya received 500 t-shirts from a law firm that wanted to stay anonymous.

She says the wanted to help her spread the message.

Just one of hundreds of selfless acts Alexandrya has seen since her daughter was in the bus crash 3 weeks ago.

"She had a concussion. She really had a double concussion because she had it on both sides of her head and she broke her wrist," Alexandrya said.

Ca'Nasia will be fine, physically, but her mother worries about her emotional state.

"For the first week she was quiet. Really quiet. Like, she just wasn't my child and even now she has her moments. She has her really good days and she has her really bad days," she said.

There's a lot Ca'Nasia is scared of now.

Her mom says she won't ride the bus to school.

Some things, though, she's willing to fight for.

Ca'Nasia wanted to go back to school.

Her mom posted a picture of her on Facebook the day she went back titled "Woodmore Strong".

"I believe she will be able to bounce back," Alexandrya said.

Alexandrya will be handing out the shirts again Saturday at Christmas for Woodmore from 12 to 2.

The shirts are free.

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