Latino church in Dalton shot into for the third time


Shattered windows are becoming a familiar sight to members of the Iglesia Mundo de Amistad in Dalton.

For the third time, Friday morning, Vivian Medina spotted them.

"Every pane on the bottom part of the glass has been shot," she said.

Gilbard Guerrero is the pastor of the church.

He says each time the damage has been worse than the last.

"The first time they came they shot one window, then they came back and shoot three windows and this time came back and shoot 7 windows," he said.

The double-paned windows were shot with a bb gun.

There was one shot into each window, shattering them all.

"We always want to think on God's ground nothing is going to happen wrong, but as you can tell it does," Medina said.

Guerrero says he doesn't think it's racially motivated.

"I hope it's not because that's going to hurt even more," he said.

Either way, he wants to know who did it.

He's offering a reward.

"If someone tells us something, who did it, and we can put it to the police, I'm willing from my own pocket give $1,000," Guerrero said.

Guerrero says he's telling his congregation not to be afraid.

The church, in English meaning "World of Friendship", won't let anything keep them down.

"You know what? Nobody gonna stop the church, nobody gonna stop us," Guerrero said. "We're going to continue to do the right thing and going to continue doing something good for the Lord."

Guerrero says he doesn't know yet how they'll pay for the window repair but says he knows they'll find a way to fix them.

If you have any information about any of these shootings the Whitfield County Sheriff's Department would like to hear from you.

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