Hixson woman celebrates her mom's life after death

Cathie Beene lost her mother in November. This is her first Mother's Day without her. (Image: WTVC)

For many, a Mother's day morning can begin with a breakfast in bed and a little pampering, Cathie Beene spent hers the same way she always has, only a little differently.

"Every Sunday we would eat breakfast and read the paper together," said Beene. "We've spent the last 10 years together on a weekend getaway for Mother's day."

Beene buys flowers once a week and places them on her mother's grave.

"She deserves it," she said. "I want her to feel beautiful and I think flowers do that."

Nancy Beene was a 10 year cancer survivor; She died from a stroke just before Thanksgiving last year, and just before a handful of family holidays.

"My birthday, my dad's birthday, Christmas, New Years, it was a rough holiday season."

Nancy Beene is now buried at the Chattanooga National Cemetery. Today is rough for Cathie and her family, but she's happy she has the opportunity to start a new tradition with her mom.

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