Dr. Bryan Johnson wins vote for Hamilton County School Superintendent

The Hamilton County School Board announces that Dr. Bryan Johnson has won the vote for school superintendent. Dr. Johnson won by a 5-4 vote. (Image: WTVC)

The Hamilton County School Board announced Dr. Bryan Johnson as their pick for the school superintendent position Thursday evening.

Dr. Bryan Johnson won by a 5-4 vote, four votes having gone to Dr. Kirk Kelly.

In an interview after the vote, Dr. Johnson said he's humbled to be chosen.

"I look forward to locking arms with other teachers and the community to make sure that everyone of our students receives the education they deserve," Johnson said.

After the vote, the School Board voted unanimously to start negotiations for a 4-year term for the School Superintendent position.

Some were upset that Dr. Kirk Kelly wasn't chosen.

"Dr. Kelly had the most knowledgeable information about the local schools," Edward Greene, a grandfather to two Hamilton County students, said.

Dan Liner, the President of the Hamilton County Education Association, says his organization thinks Dr. Johnson is the right choice.

"I want to commend the school board members in your due diligence in choosing Dr. Bryan Johnson," he said.


The Hamilton County School Board meets Thursday night to discuss and then vote for their pick for the Hamilton County School Superintendent.

The final five candidates are Dr. Bryan Johnson, Mr. Stuart Greenberg, Dr. Timothy Gadson III, Dr. Wayne Johnson and Interim Superintendent Dr. Kirk Kelly.

Just an hour prior to the meeting, Dr. Wayne Johnson withdrew his name from consideration for the position.

Dr. Wayne Johnson issued a statement later, congratulating the School Board on their selection of Dr. Bryan Johnson.

The winning candidate needs five votes to be named the district's next leader.

The search for Hamilton County's next superintendent has lasted a year and three months.

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NewsChannel 9's Brittany Martin and Stephanie Santostasi live tweeted from the meeting.

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