Getting back on their feet by using their feet

New program helps the homeless get back on their feet

Robert Gustafson and Rita Fanning are spearheading a new program in Chattanooga called "On My Own 2 Feet." The purpose is to provide the homeless community with a sensible way to start and continue running so they build self-esteem and improve their health. Gustafson and Fanning say they hope the lessons of discipline and commitment learned from running will carry over into other aspects of life. Ultimately helping the homeless become independent, find a job and housing.

Gustafson and Fanning along with help from the Chattanooga Track Club plan to start the first session of On My Own 2 Feetthe summer of 2016. Chattanooga's Community Kitchen will be the meet up spot for interested runners and volunteers.

Volunteers are crucial to the success of the program and anyone interested should contact Fanning directly at

Gently used or new shoes and running gear is also needed. Anyone can drop off donations at Fast Break Athletics, Sports Barnor the YMCA downtown location in Chattanooga. In Hixson, Front Runner Athletics is collecting donations.

For more information about On My Own 2 Feet check out the group's Facebook page or contact Robert Gustafson at

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