UPDATE: 13-year-old Chattanooga boy accidentally shot dies from injuries

Police are working to figure out exactly where the boys found the gun and to determine if it was used in other crimes. (Image: WTVC)

UPDATE: On Tuesday morning, Chattanooga Police announced that the 13-year-old died from his injuries Tuesday evening.

Funeral arrangements have not been announced. Police say the investigation continues.

Depend on us to bring you updates on this developing story as we get them.


A 16-year old called 911 pleading for help, after his brother was accidentally shot in the head.

Police say the teen is now in critical, but stable condition at Enlarger.

Monday, NewsChannel 9 got a copy of the brother's call for help.

In the tape, he describes his brother's heavy breathing and the wound he says is near the 13-year-old's ear.

On the other side of the wall from where the call was made, Kendasia Lawrence said her family didn't hear any gunshots.

Police arrived at her duplex shortly after her kids came inside for the evening.

"My sons and nephews were just out there playing with the little boy," she said.

At the end of 911 call recording, the caller has a conversation about the gun with one of the first responders in the house.

He told him, "We found it and we were just playing with it and then it went off."

The Safe Tennessee Project tracks unintentional shootings. Sunday's makes 6 this year in the state.

Director Beth Joslin Roth says this case is unique because the boys say they found the gun somewhere outside the home.

"That's rare," she said. "What we see much more often is the scenario where a child picks up a loaded gun that is not stored properly in a home or a vehicle and fires it."

Still, she says every accidental shooting involving a child is the result of an adult being irresponsible with a gun.

"That's even the case in this scenario," Roth said. "We can assume that it was probably perhaps a criminal that threw a gun out of a car or something."

Police are working to figure out exactly where the boys found the gun and to determine if it was used in other crimes.

Police telll us they are waiting to talk to the injured teen to corroborate what he says happened leading up to the shooting.

Safe Tennessee Project says this situation highlights the need for parents should talk to their kids about gun safety, even if they don't have a firearm in the house.

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