Road problems, construction provide headache for drivers in downtown Chattanooga

Road problems, construction provide headache for drivers in downtown Chattanooga (Image: WTVC)

A busy route in Chattanooga already plagued by construction, provides drivers with another headache Friday.

TDOT was forced to temporarily close down lanes on I-24 to make emergency repairs.

From the ground, it's hard to see the delay.

But the NewsChannel 9 Sky Cam gives us a much different picture.

Unlike some drivers who are most likely frustrated going around the emergency construction, Don Smith welcomes it with open arms.

"If you close down 24, they'll have to come around Lookout Mountain on 41, I get business out of it. So I guess one way it's good for the goose bad for the gander or whichever you say," said Smith.

But ask him how he feels about this years long construction project on 27 less than a mile away.

That, my friends is a different story.

"I have to drive every morning and the other morning I was tied up in it with a tractor trailer overturned for a couple hours," said Smith.

It's stories like those that has Mariela Cruz thinking twice before hopping on the interstate to commute to work downtown.

"I just don't want to go back to having to take that road anymore," said Cruz.

Don and Mariela, they know to avoid it.

But out-of-towner Gino Capp got a not-so-welcome surprise this morning driving in from Pittsburgh.

"So that made a nine and a half hour trip just that much better, trying to come in and then seeing this mess and looking at my phone and going oh," said Capp.

When it's done, the project will build more than 30 retaining walls, bridges and the highway will be widened to three lanes in each direction.

The US-27 project is expected to be complete by 2019.