Deadline for taxes is here, more people filing online

H and R Block in East Ridge will be open until 9pm on Tax Day. (Image: WTVC)

April 18th is the deadline to file and pay taxes. Some people in our area wait a little longer than others to get them done. Tonya McCain mailed her taxes at the Shallowford Road post office to ensure an Aptil 18th post mark to meet the deadline.

"I just got my taxes done yesterday," said Tonya McCain. "I waited 'til the last minute for the first time in the past five years."

We reached out to the USPS to learn more about the changes they've made over the years at the post office on Tax Day.

A spokesperson told us its been several years since post offices in Tennessee had extended hours on tax day. They said the majority of taxpayers use electronic filing and don't need to mail anything out anymore.

The IRS says it expects 80 percent of returns to be filed online. McCain said since she just filed - mailing by post was the quickest option for her.

"Once I drop it off and it goes away - I'll be glad it's over with," said McCain.

Although the post office isn't extending their hours - CPAs like Joseph Lautigar at H and R Block are staying late for last minute filers.

"We've seen a lot of stress," said Joseph Lautigar. " Especially over the weekend. We were busy even Easter Sunday. And yesterday. And even today we have a lot of people coming in."

Lautigar says he'll work until nine tonight - getting taxes done.

He recommends getting the paperwork done early - and filing as soon as the IRS starts processing returns.

"If you know you're going to have a bill, it'd be better to know that that amount is January 5th than April 14th," said Lautigar. "Because then you have a few months to plan for it."

Lautigar says if you miss the deadline - you could be hit with fees if you owe money.

"You begin to incur interest and penalties on any amount owed," said Lautigar. "The interest is six percent. The penalty is five percent for every 30 day period up to 25 percent."

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