Creative works on exhibit by the Trousdale School

Creative works on exhibit by the Trousdale School (Photo: WTVC)

It's an exhibition for all artists. Organizers with the Trousdale School are putting on their art show.

It's an art exhibition for all artists in the community, but it also showcases the creative works of people with disabilities.

21 students from the school are showing off their artwork. The show was created last year to provide artists with disabilities in East Tennessee and North Georgia to show their work alongside artists in the community. "It's so important to support the arts in the community, " says art instructor Sarah Radley. "Our students have so much to share, and they have a unique perspective to share with the world."

All 21 students will be selling their pieces tonight at a silent auction during the show. Artists had a choice if they wanted to sell their art tonight. If they chose to do so., they'll receive 100 percent of the purchase price.

The show concludes with a silent auction and an awards ceremony.

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