Congressman Chuck Fleischmann returns to Chattanooga after shooting in Virginia

Chuck Fleishmann shares what he witnessed during the shooting at a Congressional baseball practice on Wednesday.

After an ambush on GOP lawmakers Wednesday near Washington D.C., Congressman Chuck Fleischmann is back in Chattanooga.

Congressman Fleischmann told us about the moments as the attack started.

"I walked down from left field to the third base side where, sadly, the shooter was. I'm just very fortunate that he chose not to open fire on me. I would have been dead," Congressman Fleischmann said.

He says he was on the field near home plate when he first heard gunshots.

He dropped to the ground, then got up and ran to a dugout for safety.

"Our heroes are the Capitol Police. They saved our lives. They were the only people who were there who were armed. They were only there because Representative Scalise plays on the team. Otherwise we would have had no security. He's in our house leadership," Fleischmann said.

Congressman Fleischmann played in the Congressional Baseball game at Washington Nationals Park and Friday night he walked through the crowd shaking hands and saying hello to constituents as he attended Riverbend.

But, he says, when he is in public he still thinks about Wednesday morning.

"Am I nervous? No. Am I gonna let the bad guys win? No. Is it in the back of my mind that somebody may be out there some day. I hope and pray not. For me and for any other of my colleagues on either side of the aisle, with a violent agenda I hope and pray not. But is it in the back of my mind? Sure it is," he said.

He says his thoughts and prayers are with those who are still in the hospital -- Congressman Scalise and lobbiest Matt Mika -- but he says he's happy to be here this weekend.

"It's good to be back home in East Tennessee. It's been a rough week," Congressman Fleischmann said.

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