Chattanoogans lose thousands of dollars a year on run down roads

Tennessee has many rough, congested and deteriorated roads. Now, many Chattanoogans are paying the price. (Image: WTVC)

Rough, congested and deteriorated roads. Many Chattanoogans are now paying the price.

It's something Charles Ayers says he's been dealing with for decades.

"I've lived in Red Bank for 44 years," said Ayers. "I've had probably at least one blow out in my lifetime hitting a pothole, and that doesn't sit well with you to just be behaving yourself and get your tires cut out from you."

According to TRIP, a national transportation research group, the average driver in the Chattanooga area loses nearly $1500 a year after driving on roads that are deteriorated, congested, and that lack some desirable safety features.

"It's a personal expense. You don't get any reimbursement. It's your fault. Your problem since they didn't fix it," said Ayers. "Even with a new tire warranty, it's a hundred bucks to replace a tire."

And if it happens again? That price can add up.

"Everybody's income is measured out and anything out of your ordinary is something else. We have our standard of living that we keep," added Ayers.

The TRIP report shows bad roads and potholes aren't the only issue for Chattanoogans.

Traffic congestion can be, too. Congestion costs the state nearly $3 billion a year.

"I think overall there's progress," Ayers said.

TRIP also says it costs $619 billion a year for trucks to ship goods to and from sites throughout Tennessee.

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