Chattanooga Police identify woman killed in shooting near Renaissance Park

Police say the victim had already died by the time they located her on a pier at Renaissance Park. (Image: WTVC)

UPDATE: Chattanooga Police have identified the body of a woman found after a shooting in Renaissance Park.

CPD says the body belongs to Kathy Hardy. Hardy was 45.

Hardy's next of kin have been notified.

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The Chattanooga Police are investigating a deadly shooting overnight in Renaissance Park.

Police responded to the call just after 12:30 a.m. Sunday at 150 River Street.

When police arrived, they searched land and water with help from the Chattanooga Fire Department for an extended period of time before they found the victim on a pier.

Police say the victim had already died by the time they located her.

Chattanooga Police are asking anyone who was in the Coolidge or Renaissance Park area and heard or saw anything suspicious to contact the Homicide Tip Line at 423-643-5100.

Carrissa Credier visited Renaissance Park with her family Sunday, and said the shooting was scary.

"It's kinda surprising, I mean with the foot traffic, and as popular as it is for tourism it's kind of a surprise," said Carrissa Creider. "But I guess it kind of happens anywhere."

J.J. Jackson says he visits the park about three times a week, and will continue to do so after the deadly shooting.

"You just kind of hope it doesn't happen to you, but I don't think that's any excuse to live your life in fear of that happening," said J.J. Jackson.

Some of Jackson's park visits happen early in the morning - around one or two. He says - he's never felt unsafe before.

"There's usually always people down here walking there dogs, or couples walking," said Jackson. "It's usually a pretty nice place. Hopefully enough good people can saturate the community to where things like that don't happen."

The victim's identity has not been released at this time.