7-year-old injured in shots fired call on Dodson Avenue Sunday

7-year-old boy injured in shooting on Dodson Avenue in Chattanooga. (IMAGE: WTVC)

Chattanooga Police say a 7 year old child is in the hospital Sunday morning.

Police say, preliminary evidence suggests the boy was struck by a high velocity object, such as a bullet or fragment.

Interim Chief Roddy says that police are investigating whether the "high velocity projectile" that hit the child was a bullet or a result of bullets hitting the child's home.

According to Roddy, the child is doing well but the family is very upset.

"The conversation is the same one that we heard in the past, why would anyone do anything that would hurt a child?"

Officers say that the child was asleep on the couch when the shots were fired. Investigators marked off more than 5 bullet holes in the home. Evidence markers in the street show at least 10 more bullet casings.

One neighbor, who did not wish to speak on camera said "it sounded like the Fourth of July with all those bullets."

Another neighbor said that she didn't even "bother to look outside" when she heard the shots. She "rolled over and went back to bed".

Acting police Chief David Roddy tells us he visited the family in the hospital, and the child is doing well.

The call came in just before 5:15 a.m.

NewsChannel 9 has a crew on scene gathering details.

Depend on us to keep you updated.

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