Chattanooga man to kayak 700 miles to promote organization

Vail says this is the 18-foot kayak he will take to Mobile Bay, AL. (Image: WTVC)

Fred Vail has two big loves: outdoor sports and supporting wounded veterans. So imagine his excitement when he heard of an organization that combines the two.

Vail is a volunteer for Team River Runner's Chattanooga chapter. It's a nationwide organization that helps veterans get involved with outdoor sports, specifically, kayaking.

"We have guys with no legs, we have guys in wheelchairs, we have guys with no hands," said Vail. He knows the name isn't widely known, so he is willing to travel 700 miles to change that, from Chattanooga to Mobile bay letting veterans know what the organization is all about. Chattanooga native and army veteran David Cunningham supports that.

"They have a drive and desire to see vets go above and beyond to accomplish something." said Cunningham. "Injuries don't have to stop you. They want to see vets get out there and succeed at everything they do"

Cunningham became a paraplegic in a hang gliding accident in 2012. The accident forced him to quit his military service. It's men and women like him, who inspire Vail.

"It's the price people pay for this country," said Vail. "Freedom is not free, and its my privilege everyday to show up."

Vail hopes to raise money for the organization as well. He launched his own website, which includes links to donate to Team River Runner. You can donate by clicking here.

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