Chattanooga City Council approves contractor to build new fire station

The Chattanooga Fire Department wants to replace its Station 5 building in Highland Park with a new, modern building. Image WTVC

The Chattanooga City Council will allow a contractor to construct a new building for the fire department's Station 5 building. Fire fighters have only one thing to say about that location.

"It's been around a long time," said Randy Jacks, CFD's executive deputy. "We modified it [the building] to get the old truck in here. The new truck would normally not be able to get in through."

The floors are visibly worn, the ceilings are somewhat decrepit, and the concrete outside of the station is breaking apart.

Fire Chief Chris Adams believes the building is a safety hazard.

"We have mold sometimes," he said. We try to have it remediated and we've had to have other things clean. It's just an old building that needs a lot of maintenance, so our maintenance costs are high. Firefighters face an enormous amount danger already. We want, when they get into the fire station, they feel safer than at home."

A new home is what they are asking for, hoping to close the doors of their old building for good.

The commission voted unanimously to approve the Construction Consultants Inc of Chattanooga as the contractor. If all goes according to plan, firefighters say construction can begin as early as next month.

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