Bradley County Sheriff's Office warns of impersonation scam

Bradley County Sheriff's Office warns of impersonation scam (Photo: MGN)

The Bradley County Sheriff's Office is warning the community of a scam targeting residents of Bradley County and Cleveland.

Victims will get a call or message form someone identifying themselves as an employee of the Bradley County Sheriff's Office Civil Process Division.

The scammer will demand the victim call a number that is not associated with the BCSO immediately.

You should never give out your personal information over the phone. The Bradley County Sheriff's Office says they will never solicit identities or payments over the phone.

Any arrest by the Civil Process Division are done in person, never over the phone.

page provides a list of the most-common scams, preventative tips, resource links to report a specific scam, and a government resource directory.

The BCSO encourages to visit and click on the IMPOSTER SCAMS tabto learn more about the most common scams preventative tips.

You can also click here to go directly to the page.

Bradley County Sheriff Eric Watson says, “The best practice for a suspicious phone call is to hang-up, and immediately call the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office to validate if an outstanding civil process exists. If the suspicious call is repeated, advise the caller you are going to report the calls to law-enforcement, and usually the caller will become agitated and hang up. We are optimistic this scam-alert will diminish the possibility of a person falling prey to a scammer, and give residents knowledge to pro-actively protect themselves. ”

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