Andrews Middle School preparing for eclipse and campers

The school is opening up the grounds of Andrews Middle School. (Image: Amber Ledford)

It's something that hasn't happened in the Tennessee Valley in decades.

In less than two weeks, parts of our viewing area will go dark for minutes as a Total Solar Eclipse makes it way through. People all across our viewing area are preparing for the big day.

Besides Spring City, Andrews will be one of the best places in our area to see the eclipse.

School officials are opening up the grounds for visitors at Andrews Middle School.

Starting on August 19, the Saturday before the eclipse, people can go there to camp out.

You can set up a camper or tent right on the school property, and stay until Tuesday morning.

Right now, there are about 200 spaces left. The site can accommodate up to 500 campers.

6th grade teacher Amber Ledford says all the money they collect over that weekend, will go directly to the school's general fund.

"We have some guests from all over the country, even across seas, that are coming. We have groups of astronomers. I was just in contact with someone from Penn State yesterday and they're bringing a group of meteorologists and geologists down to camp out," Ledford said.

Camping out at Andrews Middle School costs $70 per campsite, per night. You can call the main office at the school to reserve your spot.

The school plans to use the money raised towards their robotics and STEM programs, among other things.

Ledford says that weekend will be filled with a number of activities for their visitors. There will be a DJ, cornhole, face painting and much more.

If you still need to get your solar viewing glasses for that day, you can find where to buy them here.

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