8-year-old boy bitten by snake in Soddy-Daisy; experts offer tips

Sydney Moore says she was in tears after her younger brother was bitten by a poisonous snake. He is expected to recover. (Image: Sydney Moore)

Sydney Moore says a snake found her 8-year-old brother while at home in the garden - a copperhead to be exact.

"We live in the woods so we're gonna find snakes there," said Moore. "When he was in the garden, he felt something bite him, and he thought it was just a bee sting."

Instead, the family says it was one of those venomous snakes that bit their boy.

"My mom was terrified," Moore said. "I was terrified. We all were. I cried, it was a horrible experience"

The family went straight to the hospital, something certified snake handlers say is the right thing to do with any snake bite. Venomous or not.

"Even if you get bit by a king snake or a rat snake, the infection that would come from the bite itself, can do harm to the tissue in the area," said Donnie Mason. He is a certified wildlife nuisance specialist and deals often with wild snakes.

Experts say most bites come from people accidentally stepping on the reptiles, and these snakes in particular usually don't inject a lot of venom when they attack. Still, Mason advises people get medical attention right away.

"If you don't, they can leave a very nasty wound," said Mason.

Moore says her bother does have a nasty wound now, but he's expected to be okay. She's just happy a scarier experience didn't come in her neck of the woods.

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