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WTVC NewsChannel 9 :: News - Pay it Forward - LaShawn Peoples - Continuing the Tradition of Tenderness

LaShawn Peoples - Continuing the Tradition of Tenderness

This week's Pay it Forward is a tribute to the special bond between mothers and daughters.

In Rhea County one woman's more than an average role model. Her spirit of kindness bridges generations of generosity.

I meet this week's Pay it Forward nominator at the Spring City Veterans Park.

Elora Dedmon is worried about her mom, LaShawn Peoples, whose household has grown to seven.

Elora says, "They eat. and they eat, and school's also coming up. They've gotta do school supplies and mom's hours got cut back at work."

Keeping food on the table is a constant struggle, but tough times mean little to Lashawn, who's often played Santa's side-kick for complete strangers.

Elora tells me, "We have an angel tree in Dayton for the Women's Health Care Center. She seen that there were only 3 or 4 things under the tree and she went and took every name off of the tree, took everything to Walmart, bought it and brought it back."

And  when she learned that a young family would have nothing for the holidays...

"She went and bought diapers, wipes, baby formula, toys for all the little boys... and that moment when we took the things to him and seen his face when we gave it to him.. and she had no clue who he was.. that right there taught me what it meant to pay it forward," Elora says.

Now it's time to do exactly that!

We arrive to the home to find some puzzled family members standing outside.

They run in and get LaShawn.

LaShawn asks her daughter, "What are you up to, girl?"

Elora replies, "On behalf of Newschannel 9 and the Mcmahan Law Firm we would like to Pay it Forward to you.... You do so much for other people. You never think that you need anything in return and sometimes you need a blessing when you least expect it yourself."

LaShawn covers her mouth and cries. Mother and daughter hug, continuing the tradition of tenderness that began with Lashawn's mother.

"She's raised several of my cousins. (I) just learned from her - watching by example," LaShawn says.

Elora hugs her mom and says, "All feelings of mother-daughter aside, out of anybody I know, I couldn't think of one other person who deserves this more than you."LaShawn Peoples - Continuing the Tradition of Tenderness

Saturday, August 3 2013, 06:35 PM EDT

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